Why Choose Our Brampton Orthodontist for Your Braces Treatment?

A beautifully straight smile and perfect bite is achievable with Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics!

Do you or your child suffer from crooked teeth or a misaligned bite? Well, you’re certainly not alone.

As many as one in five people have some sort of teeth misalignment, technically known as “malocclusion”. But the good news is, orthodontic treatment with braces is a highly successful method of dental realignment, and is proudly offered by our experienced team of dentists in Brampton Ontario.

More about orthodontic braces in Brampton

Used for either cosmetic or structural purposes, orthodontic braces are used to correct malocclusions such as under bites, over bites, cross bites, open bites, deep bites and mildly to severely crooked teeth. They are available in a range of materials, like nickel titanium, ceramic and clear plastic – and are regularly used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances in order to widen the palate or jaws or to otherwise assist in malocclusion correction.

Braces consist of brackets are bonded to the surfaces of the teeth, and are then connected by wires that are then fastened with ligatures. The strategic placement of these brackets, wires and ligaments will shift the teeth to their desired positions over time – a process technically referred to as “bone remodeling”. This is because as each tooth moves, the body dissolves bone in the areas where stress is being exerted, and then regenerates bone in the areas the teeth have been repositioned to.

Our clinic in Brampton is the one to trust!

If you’ve been considering braces to correct you or your child’s smile, we promise you’re in good hands at Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics! Our certified Brampton orthodontist in particular, Dr. Jessica Nardone, specializes in the field of orthodontics in addition to general dentistry and has years of experience treating simple to complex cases of malocclusion.

Ready to start your journey to a straighter smile and a better bite?

You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your smile – and we understand the negative impact having crooked teeth or an improper bite can have.

With that said; our team is happy to help you put your malocclusion blues to rest! Treatment with braces doesn’t need to be a daunting experience, and we’re here to make sure your experience is comfortable, successful and rewarding as it should be.

The earlier you start, the longer you’ll enjoy the smile you deserve.

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The Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics Experience

At our dental clinic in Brampton, we want to ensure that every patient’s experience is as relaxing and stress-free as possible – which is why we offer multiple methods of sedation and sleep dentistry. We also believe that our patients should be able to have choice when it comes to their dental treatment. Our Brampton dentists offer a wide variety of procedures, techniques and materials to best suit your needs.

Brampton Orthodontics Clinic

We feel that spending time with each patient will lead to a better understanding of their concerns and goals, allowing us to help them achieve their most healthy and beautiful smile.

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