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Thank you for choosing Kennedy Dental and Orthodontics, a premier Brampton dental office and orthodontic practice. We offer a full array of dental & orthodontic services, truly committed to offering the best dental, periodontal and orthodontic care available.

Why Do We Offer Emergency Dental Care and Convenient Hours?

You can count on Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics to be there for your smile when you need us most, with our emergency dentistry service and flexible business hours.


Our emergency dentists in Brampton understand that unexpected dental problems can be alarming and scary. Whether you’re dealing with a dental fracture, a dislodged or knocked out tooth, severe tooth pain or bleeding, or any concerning swelling in the mouth – come in to see us! We treat dental emergencies promptly.

We also understand that many of our patients lead very busy lives and adhere to tight work schedules – which is why we are open on weekends and 365 days a year. So whatever your schedule looks like, you can rest assured that our team will be available to accommodate your oral health needs at a time most convenient for you.

Call Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics today to book a consultation or visit with our friendly Brampton dentists today! We’d love to hear from you.


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Why Choose Our Brampton Orthodontist for Your Braces Treatment?

A beautifully straight smile and perfect bite is achievable with Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics!

As many as one in five people have some sort of teeth misalignment, technically known as “malocclusion”. But the good news is, orthodontic treatment with braces is a highly successful method of dental realignment, and is proudly offered by our experienced team of dentists in Brampton Ontario.

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Invisalign, Orthodontics Dentists in Brampton
Transform Your Smile

Want to straighten your teeth without the use of metal wires and brackets? Invisalign® Invisible Aligners can help you discreetly achieve a spectacular smile! Talk to us today.

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Our Network

Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics is a proud member of the Teeth First Dental Network, a group of independent dental offices with a mission to support employers and associations through affordable, quality dental care.

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